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Taicang, China Wind Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is the core technology with independent intellectual property rights, with good management and culture of innovation, the overall level of technology in the industry living in the advanced position, with the advantages and sustainability of the enterprise in the market competition. Division I is a collection of scientific research, production and sales of businesses. The main production of net gas-type medicine cabinets, ductless fume hoods, drug safety weighing cabinets, clean benches, fire cabinet purification devices and other products. Our products are technically breaking the old section of the product on the market is poor, low coefficient of insurance, there may even cause secondary pollution phenomena; creative use of the country's first in-line monitoring devices to protect the user's environment safe and clean .
    Our products are widely used: chemical, petrochemical, inspection and quarantine, medicine, hospitals, research institutes, universities, home and other industries.
    Protecting the environment is our common responsibility, as a professional environmental product development, production companies, we will depend on market demand responsibility, to provide you satisfied with the product!

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